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Valentine’s Day Date and Gift Guide


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with those close to you, from you significant other, to your friends, parents, children and even your dog. 

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but it doesn’t just have to be shared with a significant other. It’s the perfect time to show all the important people in your life that you appreciate them – from friends to parents and even your kids and pets.

Here are a few ideas on how to make the day unique, no matter who you are celebrating with!

The perfect picnic


Keep it simple and head out to your favourite sunset viewing spot for an outdoor picnic. If the weather doesn’t favour an outdoor setting, move it indoors – the most important thing is the snacks!

To craft the perfect picnic you’ll want to pick up a variety of cheeses, dips crackers and a loaf of bread from Coles. You can opt to select more traditional picnic meats such as salami, or choose a destination with an outdoor BBQ and pick up your favourite meat cuts from the Coles Butcher.

The picnic menu can be completely personalised, but the food items you certainly need are treats! Pick up sweet treats from La Crema Caffe, cupcakes or pastries are perfect for an outdoor setting and don’t forget your favourite chocolate! 

For drinks, All Juiced Up and Liquor Legends have you covered on a hot summer’s day

Lastly, make sure you take a cheerful picnic blanket and pack a basket – they are worthwhile purchases if you don’t already have them, and you will use them for years to come! If you need some inspiration head to The Reject Shop. 

Celebrate at home


If celebrating at home is more your style, there has been more fun indoor date options than now! The trick here is to really commit to the overall theme – go all out with the decor, outfits, or food, or whatever helps set the mood!

Here are three of our top at home date picks.

A movie marathon
Grab the popcorn and settle in on the couch for an evening filled with your favourite movies. If you need some help puling together your movie list, then hit up Netflix & Stan for suggestions.

Take an online cocktail class
Learn how to craft the perfect cocktails and become each other’s favourite bartender via Class Bento. Your ticket will let you know what alcohol, mixers and garnishes you need and you can pick up all the ingredients at Coles and Liquor Legends.

Go stargazing
You don’t need a telescope to go stargazing. Just head to your own backyard with an outdoor blanket and use a stargazing app to help identify the constellations in the night sky.

Pair any of these ideas with a delicious meal from Sushi Yum Yum or La Crema Caffe and you have got yourself an excellent date!

Thoughtful Gifts


If your love language is presents, then make sure you choose a gift that represents the person you are gifting to. It can be easy to put pressure on yourself to make a grand gesture or purchase a big present, but we’re here to remind you that it’s the little things that count and the fact that you are thinking of someone is the most important.

Maybe your significant other enjoys singing in the shower, so why not pick out a portable or shower speaker for them? Pair this with a personalised playlist, filled with songs that spark memories or tunes they will love and you have just created a memorable present that they will cherish. 

If they are big on relaxation you could treat them to a  voucher from TCS Hair & Beauty or Sexy Nails. Or maybe they have been wanting to frame a print and you could hunt down the perfect frame at The Reject Shop

Or shop the range of beautiful jewellery at The Avenue Jewellers & Gifts, and you might also choose to get the piece engraved with a message or name.

For the kids


If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your little ones, a DIY waffle bar will be a sure-fire hit!

Build the waffles of your dreams by setting up a DIY bar in your kitchen. All you need is either pre-prepared waffle or batter and a waffle maker, and all the toppings your heart’s desire. Here’s a few topping ideas and you can pick up the ingredients at Coles.

Burn off all that sugary energy with a scavenger hunt! Send the kids out on a Valentine’s Day themed scavenger hunt, searching for handwritten clues before they find a treat or a small gift at the end.

If you’re looking for craft, consider an art project that you can display or hang at home. For easy to make craft ideas visit this craft blog here.

Don't forget your furry best friend


Caring for an animal is proven to make us less stressed, happier, and healthier meaning they deserve celebration as much as anyone else!

Baked treats are the perfect surprise and there are many recipes online available to follow. The best thing is the fact that they will not mind if they don’t turn out quite right or are oddly shaped.

If you are the owner of a dog then treat them with a scent walk, which is just a walk where you let your dog smell as much as they like and go wherever their noses take them. It is a wonderful Valentine’s treat as long as you maintain safety – just follow them and see where they take you!

And for toys and accessories The Reject Shop has that covered with their wide range. 

Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day this year, you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful card from Coalfield News with a personalised message from the heart.